The Office of Diversity & Inclusion provides active oversight, coordination, and evaluation of the University of Maryland’s equity, diversity and inclusion activities; manages and tracks implementation of the Strategic Plan for Diversity; and encourages and supports the efforts of units to achieve their diversity goals. We invite you to explore our website for information about our office, its activities and programs, as well as equity and diversity initiatives on campus and beyond.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

The University of Maryland is committed to "inclusive excellence"—the notion that in order to educate our students with excellence, in order to foster outstanding research and scholarship, and in order to be national and global leaders, we must be diverse and inclusive.

As a part of the effort of "inclusive excellence," the Office of Diversity & Inclusion has funding for projects that will advance the goals of the new Rise Above communications campaign and for Diversity and Inclusion initiatives that address the goals of the Strategic Plan for Diversity. Campus units and organizations are invited to apply for grants.

current initiatives

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The Search and Selection Guidelines for the University of Maryland have been updated. You can find the officially sanctioned changes (as well as a useful "tip sheet") at the Equity Council's website.

• "Search and Selection Guidelines

Rise Above Grants have a rolling deadline and will be awarded as long as funds are available. Please apply! Read more