Campus Leadership

In addition to being a member of the President’s Cabinet, the Chief Diversity Officer provides critical leadership to several committees, councils, commissions, and other campus groups and initiatives.

Recommendations of the Joint President/Senate Task Force on Inclusion and Respect

The University of Maryland Joint President/Senate Task Force on Inclusion and Respect issued its report on March 30, 2018 and President Loh approved the report on May 2, 2018. The Joint Task Force called upon the Office of Diversity & Inclusion to develop a phased implementation plan and to track its progress online.

On June 5, 2018, ODI submitted an Implementation Strategy for phase 1 to President Loh.

Diversity & Inclusion Officers

Diversity & Inclusion Officers are responsible for providing diversity education and training, overseeing climate assessments, and supporting diversity-related recruitment/retention, programming, and evaluation efforts within their respective units. Diversity & Inclusion Officers also collaborate on campus-wide diversity initiatives.

Division/School/College Diversity Officer Title
Administration & FinanceAnne MartensAssistant VP
Athletic DepartmentKristen D. BrownAssoc. Athletic Director
Information TechnologyMarcio A. OliveiraAssistant VP, Academic Technology & Innovation
President’s OfficeCynthia EdmundsChief Diversity Officer & Assistant to President
Provost’s OfficeVacant
ResearchRobin Parker CoxDirector
Student AffairsWarren KelleyAssistant VP
University RelationsDe’Leisa K. NelsonTalent Manager
Agriculture and Natural ResourcesNorman PruittDirector of Human Resources
Architecture, Planning and PreservationAriel H. BierbaumAssistant Professor
Arts and HumanitiesVacant
BusinessChristine BeckmanProfessor
Behavioral and Social SciencesKim NickersonAssistant Dean
Computer, Mathematical and Natural SciencesWillie MayDirector of Major Research & Training Initiatives
EducationEbony Terrell Clinical Professor
EngineeringElisabeth Smela/Susan HarkinsProfessor & Associate Dean / Coordinator
Graduate SchoolChristopher PérezAssociate Director
iSchoolPaul JaegerProfessor
JournalismKalyani ChadhaAssistant Professor
LibrariesSharon EppsLibrarian III
Public HealthErin McClureChief of Staff
Public PolicyChandrika RallapalliAssistant Dean
Undergraduate StudiesJerry LewisExec. Dir., Academic Achievement Programs

Updated November 27, 2018

Equity Council

The Equity Council serves as an advisory group to the President and supports the longstanding and continuous goal of the University of Maryland to be a national leader in recruiting and retaining a diverse community of faculty, staff, and students.

Equity Council Roster

Name / UnitAddressEmailPhone
Cynthia Edmunds, Chair
Office of the President
2411B Marie Mount Hallcedmunds@umd.edu5-7227
Jewel Washington, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Division of Administration and Finance
3100 Chesapeake Buildingjmwashin@umd.edu5-5648
Sarah Babineau
University Human Resources
1100 Chesapeake Buildingsbabinea@umd.edu5-3596
Kathryn Bartol
School of Business
4538 Van Munching Hallkbartol@umd.edu5-2249
Christine Beckman
School of Business
4528 Van Munching Hallcbeckman@umd.edu5-9002
Laurie Brown
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
1122 Symons Halllbrown11@umd.edu5-8778
Hugh A. Bruck
School of Engineering
2174 Martin Hallbruck@umd.edu5-8711
Kathy Cavanaugh
College of Arts & Humanities
1102 Francis Scott Key Hallkcav@umd.edu5-2116
Colleen Farmer
School of Public Health
2242B School of Public Health Buildingcfarmer@umd.edu5-2473
Ingrid Farrell
School of Architecture, Planning, & Preservation
1200 Architecture Buildingifarrell@umd.edu5-6310
Amanda Grimes
School of Public Health
2242C School of Public Health Buildingagrimes@umd.edu5-2443
Susan Harkins
School of Engineering
3110 Jeong H. Kim Engineering BuildingSharkin1@umd.edu5-8074
Kibbi Henderson
College of Information Studies
1117C Patuxent Buildingkibbihen@umd.edu5-2035
Renee Hill
College of Information Studies
4121A Hornbake Library rfhill@umd.edu5-9445
Olcan Hollister
College of Computer, Math & Natural Sciences
2326 Symons Hallohollist@umd.edu5-2083
Ann Holmes
College of Behavioral & Social Sciences
2141 Tydings Hallamholmes@umd.edu5-1684
Wendy Jacobs
College of Arts & Humanities
1102 Francis Scott Key Hallwajacobs@umd.edu5-2354
Luke Jensen
Office of the Diversity and Inclusion
2411 Marie Mount Hallljensen@umd.edu5-1563
Lisa Kiely
Undergraduate Studies
2110 Marie Mount Halllkiely@umd.edu5-0966
Meredith Lee
Division of Information Technology
2109E Patuxent Buildingmprice2@umd.edu5-5556
Lisa Lepore
Division of University Relations
2112 Seneca Bldg.lmlepore@umd.edu5-2532
Sheri Luck
Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute
4500 Campus Drivesluck1@umd.edu6-9963
Karen McDonald
Division of Administration and Finance
3100 Chesapeake Buildingkmcdonal@umd.edu5-5648
Margaret McLaughlin
College of Education
3119 Benjamin Buildingmjm@umd.edu5-2337
Kim Nickerson
College of Behavioral & Social Sciences
2141 Tydings Hallknick@umd.edu5-7599
Marcio Oliveira
Division of Information Technology
2116 Patuxent Buildingmarcio@umd.edu5-5190
KerryAnn O’Meara
College of Education
3119G Benjamin Buildingkomeara@umd.edu5-2335
Terry Owens
University Libraries
B0224 McKeldin Librarytowens@umd.edu4-1328
William Powers
School of Public Policy
2101E Van Munching Hallwpowers@umd.edu5-6336
Karen Proctor
University Human Resources
3100 Chesapeake Buildingproctor@umd.edu5-5304
Norman Pruitt
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
1122 Symons Hallnpruitt@umd.edu5-8778
Bobvita Salters
School of Business
2416 Van Munching Hallbsalters@umd.edu5-9571
Hakim Scott
College of Education
1308L Benjamin Buildingdhscott@umd.edu5-9263
Jeffrey Snider
Division of Research
2126B Lee Buildingjsnider@umd.edu5-0916
Brooke Supple
Division of Student Affairs
2108M Mitchell Buildingbsupple@umd.edu4-8437
Timea Webster
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
2417D Marie Mount Halltwebste1@umd.edu5-6810
Ebanezare Tadele (Council Admin)
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
2417 Marie Mount Halletadele@umd.edu5-2838

Revised October 25, 2018

Information about Search and Selection procedures may be found on their website.

Search and Selection training for exempt and faculty searches is offered on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in attending a training session, please contact Cynthia Edmunds at

President’s Commissions

The President’s Commission on Disability Issues

Co-Chair: Paul Jaeger, Professor, College of Information Studies


Co-Chair: Ana Palla-Cane, Specialist, Learning Technology Strategy


Established in 1986, the President's Commission on Disability Issues is responsible for advising the President on issues of concern to people with disabilities. The Commission investigates and studies these issues as part of the University's commitment to the full participation of all members of its community in the educational, cultural, and social life of the campus. Its mission is to recommend steps that will help the University create a respectful, inclusive and universally accessible environment for people with disabilities

The President’s Commission on Ethnic Minority Issues

Co-Chair: Sharon Fries-Britt, Professor, Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education


Co-Chair: Kim Nickerson, Assistant Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences


The President's Commission on Ethnic Minority Issues (PCEMI) was established in 1973 to address the concerns of ethnic minority groups on the UM campus. As an advocate for the ethnic minority community, PCEMI has endeavored to ensure that barriers to equal access are identified and addressed, and that ethnic minorities are represented in all aspects of life and study throughout the UM campus.

The President’s Commission on LGBT Issues

Chair: Dr. Daryle Williams, Associate Professor, Department of History, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Arts and Humanities


Established in 1997, the President’s Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues (PCLGBTI) is responsible for advising the President and others in the campus administration, on issues of concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, faculty, and staff. The Commission's responsibilities include recommending policies and programs to ensure that the campus is sensitive to the needs of the many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons who are part of the University community.

The President’s Commission on Women’s Issues

Chair: Dr. Ellin K. Scholnick, Faculty Ombuds Officer, Office of the President,


Established in 1973, the primary mission of the President's Commission on Women's Issues (PCWI) is to be an advocate for the interest of the entire community of women at UM. This community includes undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, administrators, and both exempt and non-exempt staff. In its advocacy role, the Commission places particular emphasis on the diverse perspectives of women within the community. To achieve its mission, the Commission:

  • Advises the President on issues related to women, gender, and diversity.
  • Communicates and collaborates with other groups concerned with gender and diversity.
  • Investigates, studies, and makes recommendations concerning the needs of all constituencies of women in the campus community.
  • Suggests responses to problems as they arise and communicates these suggestions to the President.
  • Educates the community about women's issues.
  • Celebrates women's accomplishments.

University Senate

The Chief Diversity Officer or their delegate are ex-officio members of the Senate’s Campus Affairs Committee and the Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.